Call Center

How it works

Potential uses of the service:

  • customer service and suppliers;
  • attendance of potential customers;
  • after sales service;
  • technical support;
  • management of complaints.
  • the customer service telephone number includes the exclusive use of a Lisbon telephone number (217).

    The telephone service is personalized in your name or in the name of your company/association/brand, being made in the portuguese language.

    You can choose the telephone contact treatment:
  • we inform of your momentary unavailability and register the name, telephone contact and subject, in a message that you will receive by e-mail (cost of each telephone answering service: € 1 + VAT);    
  • we transmit/register information according to your script (cost of each telephone answering service: € 1,5 + VAT).

The service is provided on working days, from 9am to 1pm and 2pm to 6pm.


The service is provided with prepayment, according to the duration of the service agreement:

Contract duration Total value Monthly value )
12 months € 156  ( € 13 )
6 months € 96 ( € 16 )
  • the payment of the total amount is made at the beginning of joining the service (monthly value indicated for information purposes);
  • plus VAT (23%).

The cost of each telephone answering service is charged to your account (example: joining the service for 12 months - € 156 - enables 156 telephone calls to be answered, at no additional cost, if there was no membership to optional services).

In each email sent to you with the telephone answering message, you can check your balance. If the entire balance is used before the end of the contract period, you must load on your account €30/€50/€100 + VAT, without which the service is interrupted.

The value of each contract includes the provision of the service and the use of an exclusive telephone number, so at the end of the contract, there is no place to reimburse any balance in your current account.

Optional service

Outside of the telephone answering hours (business days, from 9am to 1pm and 2pm to 6pm), calls may follow up on the hearing of a message recorded in the name of your company/brand, thanking the contact and informing the hours of service (optional service, has the single cost of € 20 + VAT, debited in the amount of the current account balance - in case of contract renewal, this service remains active at no additional cost).

Join the service

In order to join or renew the subscription of the services, you just have to fill out an online form.

Click here to join/renew services and pay by bank transfer

Click here to join/renew and pay with credit/debit card (3% additional processing cost apply)