Exclusive Lisbon number with custom answering service

The telephone answering is personalized, in your name or on behalf of your company / association / brand, and is carried out in Portuguese and English.

The service is carried out according to the script you provide and the information collected is sent to you by email.

The service is provided on working days, between 9 am and 1 pm and from 2 pm to 6 pm.


The service is provided in the form of prepayment, constituting a current account, with the amount paid in full converted into telephone calls:

Contract duration Total value Monthly value )
12 months € 240  ( € 20 )
6 months € 150 ( € 25 )
  • example: when subscribing to the service for 12 months, the price is € 240 + VAT = € 295.20, but this value already includes, without additional cost, 160 calls answered (for monthly number of contacts less than 100 - unit cost € 1.50).
  • the payment of the total amount is made at the beginning of the subscription to the service (monthly amount indicated for information);
  • VAT is added to the indicated values ​​(23%).

The cost of each telephone answering service is charged to your account (example: joining the service for 12 months - € 156 - enables 156 telephone calls to be answered, at no additional cost, if there was no membership to optional services).

Price of each telephone service (assumes service with an average duration not exceeding 4 minutes):

Monthly number of contacts

Cost of each answered phone call
less than 100 1,5 €
from 100 to 200 1,0 €
more than 200 contact us
  • VAT is added to the indicated values (23%).

After approval of your Membership Application, the service will be provided for 6 or 12 months or until the available balance is exhausted (whichever comes first).

After each telephone service, we sent an email with the information collected and indication of the balance of your current account and the date on which the service ends, if the balance is not previously exhausted.

The price of each contract includes the provision of the service and the use of an exclusive telephone number, so at the end, there is no place for the refund of any balance existing in your current account.

Optional service

Outside of the telephone answering hours (business days, from 9am to 1pm and 2pm to 6pm), calls may follow up on the hearing of a message recorded in the name of your company/brand, thanking the contact and informing the hours of service (optional service, has the single cost of € 20 + VAT, debited in the amount of the current account balance - in case of contract renewal, this service remains active at no additional cost).

Subscription request